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Photo Credit: The Morning Call

Photo Credit: The Morning Call

We created this restaurant with a very clear vision—to get back in touch with what we love about the business, the basics. Bolete [bo-leet] is meant to be an experience, an escape from the hurried world we live in, a comfort. We do not rush what we do and we don't want you to rush through your dining experience with us.

We chose Bolete’s location (a former Stagecoach Inn) because of its history and the quaint nature of the space, which we knew would allow Lee to cook every dish and oversee the preparation of his menu at every step. At the same time, I knew that I would get to know each and every guest in a way that I had been missing at larger restaurants.

We started with a six-burner stove (we’ve since upgraded to an eight-burner!) and two sets of very talented hands in the kitchen. Chef Lee creates the menu daily from food that he and the team prepare entirely here. We make all our own stocks, sauces, pastas, and butcher and smoke our own fish and meats. There are no short cuts. Our bar and wine list follow suit with carefully chosen wines and handcrafted cocktails. We take the utmost pride in our product, and hopefully you will as well.

Please, come be our guest!

Erin & Lee