We have such great respect for the farmers, purveyors and artisans here in the Lehigh Valley. Many of whome we have the good fortune of working with here at the restaurant, and then some we simply can't get enough of visiting ourselves in our free time.


ReFind (Easton and Allentown) -- Ron and Jon have been supplying Erin with pretty things to dress Bolete since the beginning.  Their unique and lovely eye is well worth the visit whether you are looking for a one of a kind piece of furniture or a trinket.  We love them!

Mercantile Home (Easton) -- Ron and Ken may be the most creative men we know. They happen to help dress our servers and we are always asking them for creative assistance here and there.

Allium Design (Bethlehem) -- Sarah Petryk is the Martha Stewart of the Lehigh Valley; she makes everything she touches beautiful.  It is not just because this lovely lady is one of our besties that we brag about her.  Any time you see something change decor-wise at Bolete or spot a bloom on our patio, it usually has something to do with Sarah.  Her true focus is making every bride's wish come true through flowers but she can also help you make your home or business more beautiful. And she saves us on a regular basis.


The Olive Branch (Bethlehem) -- This family owned Syrian/Mediterranean spot is top on our list for healthy, homemade deliciousness.  They are as delightful as their food.

Loans Vietnamese Bistro (Allentown Farmers Market) -- We are famous for the amount of Pho we purchase to get us through a busy weekend.  We can’t wait until Thursday every week (open Thursday through Sunday).

Café Santosha (Trexlertown) -- We love every chance we get to visit Sarah at her as delicious as it is healthy café.  Vegans and non vegans alike will love this fresh, organic and ultimately yummy option. Bonus it is connected to excellent health food store Healthy Alternatives.


Frey’s Better Foods (Hellertown) -- If you are looking for some health food shopping, organic ingredients, and a family owned environment, Freys is your place.  After our smallest being diagnosed with some serious and complicated food allergies, this was our go to place for our home shopping.

Assembly 88 (Allentown) -- This men’s store is Chef’s favorite for himself and gifts.  There are great items and brands you can’t find anywhere else in the Valley. They are tremendously friendly and helpful to boot.


We have to mention the places we love in Allentown where we can catch a quick drink and yummy bite on our date night:  The Hamilton (killer cocktail program), Centro (their pizza is yummy even without the cheese and that’s saying something), and Youell's almost in our backyard where we are always treated like family.  Thank you!!!